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How absolutely #MakeupGoals is the title of this post?!

I know, I can’t quite believe that it’s got to the point that I even have a *collection* of Tom Ford lipsticks. The deepest brown and gold encased beauties that are some of the most coveted in the industry. With the most perfect colour selection, beautiful application and a long lasting finish, a Tom Ford lipstick is one of the most luxurious beauty products that a woman can own.

You can imagine my joy, then, when I heard the announcement of new additions to the portfolio – and my absolute elatedness when I first laid eyes upon them. is a new launch for Summer 2016, encased in a white and gold outer shell, the limited edition lipstick is already battling for the title of my absolute favourite Tom Ford lip product. In shades that perfectly complement sun kissed skin, they make the most fabulous luxe addition to any beach beauty bag. The formulation has been perfected for Summer lips too – a blend of vitamins C and E as well as shea butter to saturate the lips in blissful moisture. Of course the lip bullet is as beautiful as you’d expect, with the TF initials embossed into the product – a finishing touch that I absolutely always have to photograph before I use them for the first time!

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In case you hadn’t guessed it, I absolutely *love* photographing Tom Ford products. This post and this post are further evidence of that. I mean, they’re bloody beautiful.

Above are 4 new additions to my Tom Ford collection. Since photographing them in their untouched state, I’ve since worn each shade, putting it to the test and discovering new favourites. As well as a couple from the , I’ve also welcomed two new shades from the classic collection into my makeup bag. On the far right you’ll see Forbidden Pink – a colour so perfect that I almost don’t want to wear another lipstick ever again. The perfect amount of pink without being overly girly, it’s a classic shade and incredibly wearable for a glamorous and ‘put together’ every day look. For something a little more subtle, Pink Dusk is what I reach for, with a more muted almost browny pink shade.

The pigments within each of them deliver the ultra-creamy and balmy application that you expect from a luxurious lip product, and the blend of chamomilla flower oil, murmur butter and soja seed extract give your lips that perfect amount of moisture but without loosing any lasting power.


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Of course, no Tom Ford lipstick collection would be complete without Lips & Boys! The designer released a collection of 50 clutch-sized tubes, with each shade honouring a man from Tom Ford’s life. The beauty industry was worked into a storm when it was announced that no less than 36 new colours would be released in the mini format, ranging from violets and plums, to baby pinks and metallic shades.  My collection includes Wes and Addison (Addison was Ford’s first crush, sadly I don’t know who Wes is/was!) – two shades which I alternated between during the winter months, with the deep plum of Wes being the shade that everyone was asking about whenever I wore it. It became my signature winter lip shade.

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An Ode to First Time

And here it is. The best til last. First Time, the , is without doubt, my Favourite.Lipstick.Ever.

Each time I apply the smooth soft pink to my lips, I instantly feel more fabulous. I feel chic, feminine and totally put-together, everything I imagine Tom Ford wanted a woman to feel when she applies his products. The shade is just so very *me*. It’s not too bold and out there, but it shows that I’ve put thought and care into my look for the day. When worn with liner it creates the most perfect pout, without ever looking too made-up.

With no shine element, it somehow manages to still be moisturising to the lips, and yet on those chilly wind-chapped days, it applies equally well over a balm. The formula is long lasting, looking equally as fabulous on hour four as it did when you applied it.

My favourite combinations include wearing with , as well as the Rimmel Exaggerate liner – both of which have a shade just a touch darker than First Time, giving the perfect contoured lip shape when applied well.

As you can see from the image, it’s fairly well dented, but when you consider that I’ve worn this probably over 100 times, the cost per wear is better than any drugstore lipstick I’ve ever owned. At £38 it is my most expensive lipstick, but for the feeling that I get when I wear it, I’d be willing to pay double.


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Which are your favourites from my Tom Ford Lipstick Collection? Let me know your favourite shades!

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