1o Things To Do This June

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My Summer Bucket List

Each year Summer flies by far too quickly, before you know it it’s September Fashion Week and we are all thinking about our Winter knitwear, but this year I’m determined to make this Summer the best it can possibly be. Whether that’s from travelling, discovering new places near where you live, or treating yourself to a huge bunch of flowers, there are so many things you can do to truly make the most out of this time of year. Here are a few of my ideas that I will be using as a Summer bucket list.

I hope it inspires you!

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1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite things to do on a sunny weekend morning is to take a stroll to the local farmers market. Even living in London it’s surprising how many are dotted across the capital, and they make the perfect place to spend the morning, stocking up on fresh veggies, beautiful flowers, and freshly baked artisan loaves of bread. The bustling yet relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to get inspiration for new recipes.


2. Visit a new City

A spontaneous trip to a city you’ve never been to before is one of the most enriching things you can do. Here are some of my favourite city breaks;


3. Go On A Road Trip

Grab a group of friends, your car keys (or rent one for the weekend!) and hit the road together. Whether you have a few hours or the whole weekend, it’s so lovely to explore places near where you live but havn’t been before. Despite living just 3 train stops away, I’d never visited Richmond until recently, and it ended up being the perfect place to spend a Summer’s day.

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Fashion Mumblr Travel - Unique Kefalonia Fashion - Pool & Palms
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4. Host a Garden Party!

The most perfect thing to do on a warm Sunday? Host a little brunch party with your girlfriends in your garden. Don’t have a garden? Pack up a hamper and head to a local park. Prepare lots of tasty food; fruit, homemade bread, couscous salad, cupcakes, champagne…. you know the drill! And why not take a little picnic rug and some cute crockery to turn it into a really fancy affair.


5. Treat Yo’Self To a Huge Bouquet of Flowers

Stop waiting for someone else to buy you flowers and go pick some out for yourself! I love to collect a fresh bunch from the weekend farmer’s market, and, while slightly less romantic, I always find Sainsbury’s Roses to last for well over a week. Place them on your dining table or in your office to make yourself instantly feel great!


6. Take up Yoga in the Mornings

Each morning, invest in a little me-time and start the day with some yoga. I’m no expert, but have been indulging in 20-30 minutes of deep breathing and stretching before embarking on my hectic day. It works wonders for your productivity and wellbeing for the rest of the day and week.


7. Discover a new Coffee Shop

Because, who doesn’t love coffee! Recently I’ve enjoyed taking my laptop out of the house and setting up in a coffee shop. It’s great for when you have a day of meetings, want to hang out with friends, and get in a few work emails in between. Or perhaps you’d rather grab your cappuccino and go – but discovering new coffee shops really is one of life’s little pleasures and already this month I have two new favourites; A Wanted Man on King’s Road (it certainly helps that there is a beauty salon upstairs, and the first time I went in I was sat next to a very handsome Dachshund!) and La Boulongerie which has opened down my road, selling great coffee and healthy crepes.


8. Go Hiking for the Entire Day

I’ve been doing lots of hiking recently (being on Trek America definitely helps!) and find that it’s the perfect activity to calm a busy mind. Ditch your To-Do list, grab a friend, a backpack and a bottle of water, and just start walking. It’s amazing what fresh air, being surrounded by nature and not by technology can do for you!


9. Have an At Home Spa Day

Just like yoga and hiking, investing time in yourself with a Spa Day has so many more benefits than just glowing skin! Sometimes a trip to the spa can be a little pricey, and with so many pampering products available on the highstreet, it’s equally as luxurious to DIY. See my top tips for having an at home spa day here.


10. Try a New Ice Cream Flavour

This is one which is personally on my June to-do list, after I indulged in more than 20 cones of Pistachio ice-cream while on a recent trip to Sicily. Yep, 20. Or More. With so many artisan flavours cropping up, it seems crazy to stick to just one favourite, so this June, get experimental and try that Rose Petal and Beetroot flavour – who knew, it could become a new favourite! (I totally made up that flavour by the way)




 – What I Wore –

Dress by River Island

Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson

Hat by 66 The Label




What’s on your Summer To Do List? Will you be trying out any of these?


Photographed at the beautiful F Zeen Retreat in Kefalonia