Why you need to plan a Late Summer Holiday


… And Where To Go!

I don’t know about you, but I am * so * not ready for Summer to end. This morning I found myself swooning over my photos from Costa Rica – a trip from the very beginning of the year to kick off my role as Piz Buin Sun Ambassador – and remembering how fabulous it was to feel the sun on my skin knowing that the weather was cooler in the UK.

Autumn is a fabulous time to travel, there seems to be a different vibe in the later months in the year; less crowds, slightly cooler weather, or the opportunity to visit somewhere a little further afield.

From Australia to Ibiza, September is the perfect time to get out there and see more of the world. Here’s where you could go, and a few tips to help you along the way.



South Africa

If you read my blog posts or watched my vlogs back in March and April about our trip to South Africa, then you’ve probably already got your heart set on going! South Africa is reachable via an overnight flight, and you dodge the jet-lag thanks to the one hour time difference. It’s starting to really warm up again in September, particularly later in the month, and thanks to the exchange rate, you can find some really great deals.

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Stay : Ellerman House

Sahara Desert

Not somewhere I’ve personally visited, but using the Piz Buin Sun Finder site as my bucket list, the Sahara really jumps out as somewhere unique to visit. With average temperatures around 25 degrees in September, it’s a bearable heat within which to take in the dramatic landscape.




September is moving into the Australian Spring time, and with temperatures much warmer than our Autumn – it’s easy to see why so many are tempted to visit at this time of year. A visit down under is high on my wishlist, having not visited for over 10 years. I’ll make the most of the trip and visit the Philippines while I’m over in that direction too!


In my opinion, September would be the perfect time to visit this photogenic Greek isle. With temperatures much more pleasant (around 25 C) and less crowds, it’s a fabulous time to see what all the fuss is about! The hotels will have more availability than in the peak Summer months, and the restaurants, shops and bars will still be lively, but without the tourists descending upon the narrow streets every day!

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New England

Autumn, or Fall as the Americans call it is absolutely the greatest time to visit New England. The colourful foliage is simply spectacular as the leaves change colour, and the cool air makes it perfect for hiking, biking and exploring. Well, that’s what Pinterest has led me to believe at least! Mid to Late September is when the leaves start to change, and this often lasts till November. Why not combine a trip to new England with a trip to…

New York

Is there ever a bad time to visit New York?! Well, in Summer it can be pretty hot and sticky, and Winter – yikes it’s bitterly cold, but Spring and Autumn are the most pleasant months to visit, with temperatures perfect for exploring, shopping, walking, sight seeing and more. I last visited New York during September Fashion Week, and the weather was warm enough for a t-shirt, but without the humidity from the Summer months. This Autumn, my dream trip is a couple of days in NYC, followed by a trip to New England.





Travel Tips

Travelling in Autumn often means that hotels have more availability, so search around to ensure you are getting the best deal. I like to use Booking.com and Expedia – both sites that I trust, and know that I’m not getting ripped off!

Think outside the box. Some places don’t need to be hot for you to enjoy. Browse your favourite travel blogs to discover unusual destinations, and be sure to visit the Piz Buin Sun Finder Site for even more destinations in the sun.

Be prepared. Autumn months can be cooler, so research the weather to check if you need warmer pieces for the evenings. Even if it’s not scorching hot, ensure your skin is still protected, you can get a tan that has all your friends asking ‘where have you been’ while still protecting yourself against UVA and UVB rays with my favourite SPF product; the Piz Buin Tan Accelerating Oil, SPF 15.

Where are your favourite places to visit in Autumn? Do you have any travel tips for those wanting to travel in September?




Photos taken in Santorini as part of a trip with Variety Cruises.

Photography by Charlie Irons.