5 Morning Secrets I Swear By


Some of us are morning people, and some of us are night owls.

Contrary to what I originally believed, it actually isn’t anything to do with us, and our lifestyle, it’s actually to do with our natural circadian rhythm which determines when we function best. Now, I don’t really know what exactly that is, but I sure am thankful that I’m ‘morning person’ and can’t help but feel that we got the better part of the deal. We are chipper and awake at the crack of dawn, and are able to cross multiple things off our to-do lists before the night owns are even able to grumble and press snooze for the third time that morning.

I know not everyone is able to be a morning person, but here are a few of my secrets that myself, and other morning people swear by. If you’re destined to be a night owl then just fake it till you make it – these five tips will have you up, alert and being productive before you know it!



We Wake Up at the Same Time

The reason that us morning people are able to magically wake up earlier than others, is because our bodies are so used to waking up at the same time each day. Morning people have a bed time and a set wakeup call, while night owls might be more likely to pull a late one, and then make up up the lost hours sleep in the morning with a huge lie in.

It might be tempting to catch up on any Zzz’s you missed during the week at the weekend by sleeping in till noon, but in reality that’s just going to play havoc with your internal clock, making it harder for you to wake up early when you really need to.

I don’t know how much to look into this, but while researching my facts for this post, I read numerous articles claiming that a consistent bedtime and wake up time was related to lower body fat in women, those waking up at 7am being on a whole, slimmer, less stressed, and shabbier than those waking up at 9am. Now there’s some morning motivation!

Making those sleeping hours count is hugely important too, I wrote a post all about this just last week – a few of my rituals for getting a better night’s sleep.



We Make Time for Breakfast

Making time for breakfast is one of the most important things you can do in order to have a productive day ahead. A good, hearty brain fuelling breakfast helps you perform better, aiding with cognition and learning but a quick coffee and a croissant just won’t do. Sugary cereals with high glycemic levels can make you crash, so instead choose protein and good carbs to keep you full, reducing cravings throughout the day, and keeping your productivity levels high.

I’ve been experimenting with different healthy breakfast ideas recently, including these Buckwheat and Banana pancakes which I showed you in my Mindful Morning Routine video.


We Use Our Time Wisely

Speaking of mindful morning routines, using the extra hour or tw in the mornings for getting into the right headspace is the greatest thing you can do to prepare mentally for your day. Instead of diving into emails or tasks for the day, invest in some quiet time with meditation, reflection of positive visualisation. Tomorrow, try starting your day by envisioning all the tasks you hope to accomplish – this positive mindset will help you achieve them.




We Get Dressed & Ready Straight Away

I don’t feel like my day has properly begun until I’m dressed, hair brushed, with a touch of makeup on. Working from home means there’s no rush to get changed, but if I don’t do it straight away then I find myself putting off getting myself ready, and I’d be in my pyjamas all day!

After my morning cup of tea, I head back upstairs to prepare myself for the day. I enjoy a long shower, but as I discovered recently at a breakfast with Dr Christian (yep, the one from Embarrassing Bodies!) soap alone is not enough to prevent bacteria from forming on our bodies, so that’s where Sure Anti Bac comes in; the deodorant is formulated with ingredients to fight bacteria that causes odour, and gives 48 hour long protection. It comes in a handy compressed bottle too so you can pop one in your handbag or gym bag too!

After taking care of my body, I dress in comfortable clothes ready for the day ahead. Even on the weekends I prefer not to hang about in my pyjamas and dressing gown – if I look scruffy and bedraggled, I feel like everything I do is not going to be to the best of my ability, by getting dressed I feel more put together and am able to work to the best of my ability.

I like to add some light makeup and pull my hair into a neat pony tail – often people ask why I bother when I work from home and no one is going to see me – but it really does affect how I feel about myself, plus – in a world of snap chatting and vlogging, it’s nice to look a little more put together!!



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Get The Hardest Job Done First

My final morning secret, and one which also has a huge impact on the rest of my day, is getting my most dreaded task done as early as possible. Our willpower is greatest when we first wake up, so get that annoying task ticked off your to do list straight away. Not only are we more likely to complete bigger tasks first thing in the morning, but when it’s done, that optimistic and motivated feeling will help us to power through the rest of the day’s work.

I practise these 5 morning person ‘secrets’ every single day, whether I’m working from home, out in central London all day at meetings, or relaxing on a weekend. Give them a try too and you’ll be amazed at how much they affect your day!

I’d love to know if you do any of these things already – are you a morning person or a night owl? Let me know in the comments below!


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