The Natural Way to Finding Confidence in your Own Skin

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You Are Beautiful

We each have our own personal insecurities, things that make us feel uneasy about ourselves, our bodies, our lives. Comparison is an ugly thing – and with social media constantly showing us the highlight reel of other’s lives (and it’s important to remember that it’s just that – the highlights) it’s often hard to accept our own appearance or success when compared to those around us.

Equally, each of us have beauty insecurities. Everyone’s skin is different – a different shade, different good points and bad points. As for me? I am a subtle shade of grey without my twice-weekly ritual of gradual tan and my under-eye circles bug me every time I catch my reflection or see an un-edited photo!

I wanted to make today’s post all about feeling comfortable in our own skin. This can be mentally and physically, and especially now that the days are getting cooler, feeling comfortable has absolutely rocketed up my priority list. No matter what your skin insecurity, I hope these tips will help you make the most of the skin you have, and ultimately feel more confident as a result.


To Be Beautiful Means to Be Yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others; you need to accept yourself.

This wonderful Buddha saying is so perfectly written, and it reminds us not to dwell on the opinions of others. With social media breeding self consciousness, we are always concerned about how others perceive ourselves. The first thing to do is to stop with the continuous analysis. Analysis of the lives of others, and analysis of yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and scrutinising.

You’ve heard me talk about it before, but honestly, give meditation a try. Sit, breathe and quiten your thoughts. Meditation and being at one with yourself in a comfortable environment doesn’t permit social interaction, even eye contact, so your only focus is yourself.
People will notice when you feel well – you’ll carry yourself differently, with more confidence and ease.

Honour Your Body

I can’t talk enough about how important it is to celebrate your body. Thank it for all it does and treat it to brisk walks, long showers, drinking lots of water.

Treating yourself doesn’t need to cost you the earth, I find active natural ingredients in affordable favourites such as the Garnier Ultimate Blends Body range. My favourite, Delicate Oat nourishes and hydrates the body, infusing the skin with naturally sourced ingredients. It works to the specific needs of your skin, whether dry, normal, or sensitive. I like to indulge in a mindful moment during application, enjoying the soothing cream on my body and inhaling the delicate scent.





Maintain a Positive Mind

Positivity attracts positive things – those who have read The Secret and abide by the law of attraction will already know this, but it’s true – by having a positive outlook, you can develop and maintain a healthy and positive mind.

Find what works for you – does reading, or running or writing fill your mind with positive thoughts? For me I love to travel to different places, experience new smells, new cultures and new ways of life. It doesn’t have to be exotic, even new parts of the neighbourhood near my home.

Find what practises make you feel passionate and positive about the way you’re living your life. Doing what you love is a shortcut to loving who you are.

Find your Authenticity

Finding your authenticity – or finding yourself, helps you feel your beauty. If you try to be who you are you will automatically feel attractive and unique. Having role models and those who you look up to is wonderful, but never emulate. Whether it’s through your blog or Instagram, or the way you dress, the thing that makes you different is the fact that you are you.

Remind yourself that beauty is never dependent on the approval of others – it’s self defined and self created.


I’d love to know what gives you confidence, and helps you feel great in your own skin?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to Garnier for kindly collaborating to bring you this post.