The Affordable Luxury Christmas Edit




Because what’s Christmas without a little luxury?

For my final Christmas gift guide / wishlist of the year, I thought I would select a few of my absolute favourite things; those little luxurious which although small, are totally fabulous. These small gifts would bring delight to anyone who adores the finer things in life. Things that glisten and sparkle, or add a touch of glamour to the ordinary day.

To me, gifts that truly delight are often decadent; yet something you’ll use frequently. I’m not a believer of saving things for ‘best’ so a perfect gift is something which can be treasured, but also used or worn frequently. I shared my huge gift guide roundup on Monday which you can see here, but now here are the three little luxuries that truly are the creme de la creme of Christmas gift giving.

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(in case you couldn’t tell I absolutely love photographing sparkly things!)

Firstly, jewellery. You simply can’t go wrong with something that sparkles and catches the light in the way that the new accessories from Adore do. Adore is a new jewellery brand created using the finest materials and Swarovski crystals – hence that unbeatable light catching sparkle. The designs are not only modern and sophisticated, but equally timeless – they make a statement but without being too bold, which makes them a perfect choice for that extra special gift.

Each and every time I wear my , I receive countless compliments – it seems it’s classic design is admired by all. Something this beautiful must cost a fortune – you’re probably thinking? Well, incredibly this is an affordable jewellery line with prices for necklaces starting at around £40.

With classic and beautiful designs inspired by the 120 year heritage from the Swarovski brand, Adore pieces are made of innovative and the highest quality materials – the earrings, rings, bracelets and earrings featuring materials such as rose gold, pearl, Swarovski crystal and gold.

Within this post, I’ve included the Brilliance necklace, the , the , and the as well as the and .

As well as jewellery, other luxurious which make perfect gifts include high end makeup, and it doesn’t come much more fabulous than Tom Ford. I’ve opted for one of the new shimmering lipsticks to include within my gift guide, as it’s an unusual formula which even a lipstick collector may be unlikely to own. Leaving the lips with a subtle sparkle, it’s an elegant finish to a festive makeup look – and because it’s Tom Ford, it’s a true luxury to add to, or start a high end beauty collection.

Finally, fragrance. I always love unwrapping a luxurious scent on Christmas day – as scent is so closely linked to our memories, I love inhaling that first spritz on Christmas morning, and holding onto that special moment each time I catch the scent in the future. I’ve fallen back in love with the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb scents recently, and the range now includes a luxurious oil which not only is heavenly scented, but treats the skin to nourishment and care thanks to the luxurious formula.

I’d love to know what little luxurious you’re lusting for this Christmas, let me know in the comments below!


This post is in collaboration with Adore Jewellery