How I Prepare for London Fashion Week

Is it that time of year again already?!

Oh yes, it is! Fashion Week has crept up on us, catching many of us in a mad panic with last minute preparations in a rush to get ourselves ready for one of the busiest weeks in the Fashion Calendar. Love it, or hate it, but as a Fashion blogger, it’s mandatory that I am present at Fashion Week one way or another. This year I’ll be reporting on backstage beauty trends as well as letting you know which of the trends I think will be the most wearable for the coming months.

In the busy build up, it’s often left to last minute for preparing for the week itself, so here are a few of my tips for preparing for London Fashion Week.

Outfit Planning

As much as fashion week is about observing the trends emerging from the Catwalks, we all like to dress up for the part too. Street style photographers are lurking on every corner, and Fashion Week is the perfect time to work with your favourite photographers to capture your style for Instagram, blogs, YouTube channels and more. Now, here’s where I’d love to tell you that I already know what I’ll be wearing each day of fashion week. I’d love to tell you that my wardrobe is coordinated for every day, planned down to the meticulous details such as which earrings, watch and shoes will go with each look, but sadly, that’s simply not true. I have a section of my wardrobe dedicated to LFW outfit options, and each morning depending on how I’m feeling, the weather, and what I’ve got planned, I’ll pull together a look.

For day one of fashion week, today, I’m opting for a classic, chic and somewhat professional look, as not only am I heading to shows, but I’ve got some meetings first too. I’m opting for a chic black dress with peplum detail, and adding a tailored boyfriend white coat and stylish heels to add the LFW approved style. To finish I’m hiding my tired eyes with some mirrored glasses and wearing my new pink double zip handbag – because my ootd is never complete without a hint of blush pink!

Shop the Look

Getting my legs out in February is a daunting thought, so read on to see how I ensure I’m prepared for every outfit eventuality.


My essentials; Intuition razor, Si fragrance, YSL purse, Belkin charger, Kikki K Diary, By Terry Balm

Thanks to the mild temperatures in London at the moment, getting my legs out in order to achieve that perfect outfit of the day is not totally out of the question. What is more daunting though, is getting my legs photo ready. I’ve been maintaining a regular use of gradual tan so that no one can tell that my legs have been under cover for the past six months, and I’m reaching for the newly re-packaged (in chic black, to match my #ootd!) Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture razor. What makes this perfect for LFW prep is the ease of use – just run under water to lather, then shave – it couldn’t be easier. It’s perfect for those of us that are always on the go, and yet don’t want to compromise – so before revealing my pins for LFW, i’ll be spending just a few moments making sure they’re ultra smooth with the Wilkinson Sword razor. Spot it with its new sleek black packaging in stores now.

Getting Organised

As I mentioned, this year, LFW has totally crept up leaving me in a bit of a mad panic the day before (and morning of!) the first shows. Luckily, I’m now well practised, and know exactly what I need to bring with me to survive the day. Today I’m at meetings all morning, shows and events all afternoon, and then a dinner party – so a big bag filled with my essentials is a necessity. In my YSL tote, I’ll be bringing my Vlogging camera, an extra battery for it and spare memory card, as well as my portable phone charger, my diary/notepad, a mini makeup bag, a few business cards, an umbrella, a breakfast bar just in case I don’t have time to stop for lunch, a small bottle of perfume and some mints too!


How do you get organised for LFW?

Let me know in the comments below!