4 Reasons to Splurge on Lingerie that makes you feel Fabulous

Treat yourself.

When I treat myself to a new bag, or new pair of shoes, I like to get as much use out of them as possible. I’m definitely not one of those people who saves special things for special occasions – oh no, I like to wear my most fabulous pieces as often as I possibly can. Why, therefore, had I never applied the same to my lingerie? I recently had a huge revamp of my entire wardrobe, and I began with my underwear drawer. Why do I hold onto pieces that no longer fit? That are no longer in perfect condition? Old misshapen bras, mismatch sets – it was time to bid them farewell.

Upon treating myself to new lingerie and vowing to always take pride in what I wore underneath my clothes, something changed. I started to feel fantastic.

There’s something quite special about your little secret. That below your outer garments is a beautiful lingerie set. Whether that’s delicate lace or a plunging cleavage boosting design, the lingerie from Wonderbra is designed to make you feel your best. For me, it’s the boost that makes me feel glamorous. That in turn, completely transforms my outfit of the day.


“There’s something very special about your little secret. Below your outer garments is a beautiful lingerie set; it could be delicate lace or a plunging cleavage boosting design, the lingerie from Wonderbra is designed to make you feel your best. For me, it’s the boost that it gives me that makes me feel more glamorous . That in turn, completely transforms my outfit of the day.”

– #JosiexWonderbra

Enhance your #ootd

Of course the final reason I adore investing in new lingerie is how it can enable me to be more adventurous with my outfits. With versatile designs such as the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge, I can wear low cut tops, plunging necklines and more daring designs with confidence that I am supported thanks to the patented technology within the Wonderbra designs. It’s ultra low cut so plunging necklines are no problem, and yet your bust is perfectly supported.

The Ultimate Strapless designs really are ultimate! It means my wardrobe choices are limitless, and I can make the most of the off-the-shoulder trend throughout the summer months, while still enjoying the push up technology and beautiful lace design.


Why bother when no one sees it? 

Oh darling, this is where you need to change your train of thought. Because, how people see you is an extension of how you see yourself. You could be wearing the most expensive, beautiful dress in the world, but if you’re unhappy, it will show in how you hold yourself. Equally, by being confident in how you feel in your beautiful lacy and pretty set – even the most affordable of outfits can be made to look like a designer ensemble.

What you wear affects your self esteem. I don’t know about you, but I dress for myself – and certainly for no man (sorry Charlie!) or even other girls. Just as wearing a Superman T-shirt under your clothes might make you feel super confident and a little bit cheeky – it’s just the same it lovely undies worn on a daily basis. I like to have a variety of colours and styles of beautiful bras and underwear so that on any day, no matter what my #ootd is that day – I can choose a set to fit my mood and daily style.  Above, for a day relaxing and working from home, I opt for the Wonderbra wireless push up bra. It’s the most comfortable lingerie I own thanks to the beautiful fit and comfortable materials, and yet the tulle and mesh design means it looks beautiful too. I wear under lightweight materials for a flattering and feminine silhouette.

A correctly sized bra makes your clothes fit better.

So many of us wear the wrong size bra – if you haven’t been fitted in the last year, now is the time. One that offers support and fits you well helps to make your entire outfit look more put together. Equally, you can choose lingerie that works with your look. For outfits that highlight the cleavage, a design such as the Wonderbra Full Effect Push Up Bra can complete the look, making you feel glamorous and totally put together in your chosen outfit.

It’s all about your personal power.

Wearing a matching set is something only you know and yet it makes you feel powerful. Our lingerie is the closest thing we wear to our skin, so choosing something beautiful tells you that you deserve beauty and you deserve the best. In our jobs, our day to day lives, we portray ourselves as strong empowered females – and yet I like to know that there’s something delicate and feminine underneath. We can own both sides of our power – and be a force to be reckoned with!

Personally I adore the matching Refined Glamour lace designs from Wonderbra, but if that’s not your thing, a basic black or nude set is just as sexy a lacy underwear. Try it out and you’ll instantly notice a difference in how you feel. My tip would be to choose three sets of underwear for each bra, perhaps a mixture of knickers, briefs and thongs.


How does lingerie make you feel?
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Thank you to Wonderbra for collaborating on this post!