How I’m Switching Up My Blonde Hair for Autumn

At the risk of sounding extremely #basic, it absolutely made my day last week when so many friends and even a stranger complimented me on my hair. Since bleaching my hair, I’ve never truly been happy with it, until now. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the Catwalk by TIGI products that I’ve been using at home to care for my bleached hair and finally the condition is getting back to what it used to be pre-bleach, better even, thanks to continual nourishment, leaving me just with the colour to alter.

I recently had my roots highlighted (now that I have two inches of roots before the bleached hair) and then my entire head covered in a toner which would bought the colour down to a more muted ‘autumnal blonde’ shade, so when I went to the Muse of London salon on Mortimer Street to get a Catwalk by TIGI blow dry and catwalk styling treatment, I was sure to quiz my stylist about products that I could use at home which would maintain the shade.

I explained that I already used the Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner range to nourish my dry and damaged hair, and I was advised to also switch in another product from the Catwalk by TIGI range; the . After shampooing with the Catwalk by TIGI Fashionista shampoo, my stylist applied the mask all over, before wrapping my hair in a plastic covering while I relaxed for 10 minutes allowing the mask to work it’s magic! The violet mask worked to neutralise any brassy tones in my coloured hair, bringing the colour back to exactly what I’d asked my colourist for. I was advised to use the mask once or twice a week, switching it in with my other favourite haircare products. As well as toning the hair colour, it is also an intensely nourishing treatment, so hair feels soft and lightweight, as well as being the perfect shade.

Even as my hair was being blowdried, I could already feel and see the difference that the treatment had made to my hair; while sometimes a mask can leave the hair feeling heavy and weighed down, my hair felt lightweight and completely free of product, even when a was added to the roots. The stylist also gave another hair tip as he finished the blow dry; misting the hair with a even when it’s clean is a great way to add texture and ‘grit’ to freshly washed hair, making it more versatile and voluminous!

We finished using a heated curler to add curls to my freshly washed hair, and a light misting of my favourite hair spray; the from the Catwalk by TIGI range has the perfect amount of hold while allowing for natural hair movement, and a heavenly fragrance too!

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I could not have been more pleased with the finishing look! In fact, we instantly took to the street to take some outfit shots to showcase my perfect style! With the centre parting and lightly tousled waves, the finished look was not too ‘try hard’ but instead a relaxed and polished look. Later that day after a few meetings, I had a red carpet film screening event to attend, and just by brushing through the waves I was able to turn the everyday tousled waves into a soft hollywood style wave (check out my vlog from the day here to see!).

It’s incredible what a great hairstyle can do to your confidence, and with the help of a new Topshop dress and suede heels, I felt ready to hit the catwalk!


Will you be switching up your hair for Autumn? What do you think of my new colour & style?

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