This week the tempratures dropped which means it’s time to get your coats on rotation! Cuddly factor times a million, your entire outfit can be made Autumn Winter appropriate by throwing on the coat that us bloggers are obsessed with; the teddy bear coat.

If you’re anything like me, you would have started buying your coats for the season ahead in August! I’m an early bird when it comes to purchasing a Winter coat – having learnt the hard way in previous years when all the best ones are sold out when you finally find yourself wanting to invest in something cosy! Let me tell you – there’s nothing worse than going to buy a coat you saw months ago at the end of October, early November to find that its sold out.

Luckily for those who are still on the hunt for their perfect Winter coat, look no further because I can tell you as soon as you go to put on a teddy bear jacket you will feel like you’re in coat heaven and will most probably be complaining that your too hot before you know it. So if you’re thinking of investing in your key winter coat now, then here are my top five reasons why a Teddy Coat should be the one to go for!

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#1 It’s The Stylish but Warmest Coat Trend There Ever Will Be

We all strive for that carefree ‘I just threw this outfit together’ kinda look, but the colder weather during Winter challenges our street style on a daily basis. Colder weather can force even the more fashion forward of us to hide our stylish layers under a coat – so by opting for a teddy bear fur coat it will 110% keep us snug as a bug during those crisp mornings and frosty nights. On top of that, a teddy bear coat manages to do something that many outerwear pieces don’t; be adorably stylish and edgy whilst keeping yourself comfortable and warm. (Not to mention it feels as though you are walking around in your cosy dressing gown.)

#2 You Don’t Have To Think About The Rest Of Your Outfit

Though a teddy bear coat is the ultimate cosy coat, most are statement and oversized. This means you can keep the rest of your outfit pared down and as minimal as possible. In other words you don’t really have to think about getting creative with the rest of your outfit. I’ve chosen to style my with a pair of , a (for serious warmth) and . The fuzzy coat adds some much needed texture to this simple outfit and my wardrobe as a whole as I’ve built up a closet of timeless and classic pieces. Without the shearling material, you could say the #ootd was kinda simple – but that doesn’t matter when you have a teddy bear coat as the finishing touch.

#3 There Are So Many Price Points

If you are head over heels in love with my favourite coat of the season, but concerned about your purse, panic not. The highstreet has jumped on the teddy bear bandwagon, with each retailer making the trend their own and there are so many at different price points. If you have followed me for a while, you would have heard me say before that I like to invest in coats and one at which the cost per wear means I can get away with splashing out that little bit more. Especially since you will be wearing your winter coat for the next 6 months; but understandably, you may be a little bit more weary at first and means that you can dip you toe in the trend with a cheaper alternative before splurging all out.

#4 It Will Go With most of your Wardrobe

If there’s one thing the teddy bear coat certainly doesn’t disappoint on, its versatility. They come in all different shapes, lengths, silhouettes and colours and can be dressed up or down. From jeans, to leggings, skirts and dresses the teddy bear coat goes with it all. For a casual look opt for a with and a which will help to flatter a petite frame; perfect for a trip into town. Alternatively, ensure your outfit has that wintery feel by sticking to a darker palette like I have here. The individual items keep the outfit casual but by choosing them in a darker colour scheme it easily takes the outfit from day to night. For an evening look choose a shearling teddy coat in a to ensure you will be able to throw it on over the top of any dress or skirt combo.

#5 Teddy Bear Coats Are Fun

Fashion is supposed to be fun… and that’s exactly what wearing a coat inspired by your childhood teddy is – right?!! You could have guessed I would have chosen a teddy bear coat in a neutral colour but there are so many so I thought I would come out of my comfort zone just a little by going for a deep brown almost dark orange colour which I surprisingly LOVE! It’s bright yet autumnal and you will most definitly stand out in a sea of black down coats. If you still want to have fun with a shearling coat but aren’t completely convinced opt for a instead. It not only provides warmth and some texture to your outfit but it can in some cases be even better as it allows you to show off whats underneath.

What do you think of the looks – have I convinced you of the Teddy Bear trend? 

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