Jewellery Pieces to Invest In Once, & Wear a Thousand Times

Beautiful Jewellery is an Investment…

… and can elevate any outfit. A simple jeans and t-shirt combination can be made to look more luxe than you could possibly imagine with the addition of some well chosen jewellery pieces. Over the past five years or so, slowly over time I have invested in my own jewellery collection, which now comprises of a few key pieces of which the style has remained timeless, and they work with every outfit still to this day equally as well as the day I purchased them.

I first discovered Monica Vinader when I was a student at London College of Fashion. Spending my time surrounded by such fashionable fellow students meant that I was all too often faced with temptations such as a new designer handbag or the latest pair of shoes, but while those luxe purchases seemed beyond my wildest dreams, investing in jewellery was something I was far more excited by. It was actually my manager at Reiss whose jewellery caught my eye; a precious rose gold labradorite ring that I became fixated with; she told me the brand (which I pronounced wrong for the next three years – Vin-a-der has equal emphasis on each of the vowels, not Vin-Aye-der as I originally thought!) and instantly a piece from the collection went to the top of my wishlist. I saved up my pay checks and sensibly after putting an amount aside for a few months, I finally purchased my first Monica Vinader ring. That ring, I still own and wear frequently; the same can not be said of any of the other fashion pieces I purchased five years ago! (P.S – you can see this particular ring in one of my first ever fashion blog posts from 2014 here!)

Unlike any other fashion item, you potentially wear the same piece of jewellery every single day, making the cost per wear of even the most luxurious of pieces extremely low. Not only that, but jewellery holds its value well, making it even more worthy of the occasional investment.

I believe I’ve made my case (and may have just talked myself into making a new purchase!) so here are a few of my favourite timeless pieces that I’ll be wearing over and over again!

Each of the pieces I am wearing in todays post are elegant, feminine and timeless, and they work with every single outfit I own. My bracelet cluster always includes my which I had engraved with ‘One Hundred Thousand’ when I reached the milestone on my YouTube channel (well, actually I had it engraved long before reaching the milestone – but that’s another story!!), and one or two other rose gold bracelets to create an elegant cluster. I like mixing the various shapes and styles of the rose gold collection, and my current favourite combination includes the with the circular beads, and the which I’m hoping to get engraved with my latest YouTube milestone of two hundred thousand subscribers!

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As well as my love for the bracelets, there are also a couple of collections that I am slowly but surely investing in from Monica Vinader; firstly, the Riva collection. It began again with a ring, my rose gold ring has to be one of my most worn pieces ever and can be seen in almost every outfit post or video I’ve ever created! When we link this back to investment pieces, and choosing jewellery that leads to great price per wear, let’s just say I’d worn this day everyday for a year (which would certainly be true, and that’s the absolute minimum!) then the price per wear would be 43p per use – and that certainly isn’t bad at all for a diamond piece!

Adding to my Riva collection, photographed here is the and the which cluster together beautifully for the times when you want to create more of a statement and stack up your jewellery. Both have a soft and fluid shape to them, designed to be a contemporary way to wear diamonds, influenced by the Italian Riviera and in particular the shapes of items you may find by the shores…

The beautiful pod shape is also seen in my necklace here; the which has an ingenious adjustable length mechanism, meaning you can style it with a variety of outfits and necklines to ensure the diamonds can be seen no matter what you opt to wear.

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The final piece that you’ll recognise if you’ve read other fashion features or watched my videos is my I confess, this rose gold one is not the only Signature bracelet that I’ve invested in; I also have an engraved slightly too, which I wear when I fancy a break from all the rose gold! With strong, clean lines and a modern yet feminine design, it’s quite unlike any other jewellery I own, and it has truly taken my by surprise how well it’s become integrated into my wardrobe. Because of the solid structure, it creates quite the statement, and the bar silhouette is eye catching and yet fits seamlessly in with my day to day outfits. With a hinge opening (that takes a few days to get used to!) it is perfectly secure and the rounded shape makes it incredibly comfortable to wear on the wrist – it’s a piece that attracts countless compliments from friends and strangers alike.

The effortless style of the Signature collection is mirrored in the which I’m wearing here in rose gold. I adore stud earrings and usually go weeks without switching my earrings, so a classic and feminine design is key for me. Once again when it comes to price per wear, these timeless styles create the greatest value as you’ll want to wear them day in, day out.

The again features designs in three metal colours, and personally I think that the bangle style leads particularly well to personalisation; engraving whether that’s initials, a hand drawn motif or perhaps a message or a name is complimentary and can be arranged when ordering online, or perhaps you’d like to visit a store when a master-engraver is present to witness your treat or gift being personalised.

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I’d love to know what your greatest jewellery investments are – have you discovered or treated yourself to anything from Monica Vinader before? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you to Monica Vinader for sponsoring this post.