How To Look Expensive

How To Look Expensive

To celebrate my ‘How To Look Expensive’ video on YouTube hitting 1 million views (I know – insane!!!) I thought I’d add to some of those pointers within a blog post, and sum up a few of the style rules that I live by, in order to keep my outfits looking polished and perfected. Perhaps you want to change up your style, add a little more sophistication to your everyday look, or perhaps you’re moving to a new city, you’ve got a new job, or you just want to give yourself a bit of a rebrand! Well, this post will help you transition your wardrobe and give some guidelines to keep in mind next time you go shopping, so that you can style yourself with a more sophisticated, chic and well, expensive looking outfit that you’ll want to wear for years to come.


Timeless Styling 

The classic pieces that you invest in now, will still be wearable in a decade’s time, so when it comes to those core building blocks of your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to spend a little more. I feel like I sound like a stuck record, but truly I believe that spending £100 on a silk top that will last years, is better than buying 4 or 5 tops that won’t look as good to begin with, and will not look great after a season of wear. One of my favourite retailers for these kinds of basics is Reiss and each season I carefully choose a few simple, classic pieces which will form the basis of my wardrobe for the season. Because my wardrobe is very neutral (whites, beige tones and pinks) I am confident that when I choose neutral tones, the staple pieces will work with the vast majority of the pieces already in my wardrobe. Here are a few pieces I’ve chosen from Reiss this season or currently  have on my wishlist:


Investing in Accessories

So this is something that shocked a lot of people within my how to look expensive video. I said that one sure fire way to make your outfit look a whole lot more fabulous, is to invest in luxury accessories. Many comments in the video were disappointed that I didn’t have a ‘hack’ or ‘cheat’ to looking expensive without spending money, but sometimes the reality is that you do have to spend some money to get that luxury look, and the most effective place to do so is with your accessories. A full highstreet outfit can be made to look super luxe with the addition of a designer bag, something beautifully crafted and perfectly statement such as this stunning , or perhaps something with a bold (but not flashy!) logo such as my small cross body , or this . The subtle logo or design details on a bag are what will catch the eye of an onlooker, so choose your investment bag wisely, ensuring that the colour, shape and size will work with most of your wardrobe.

My favourite statement bags

If bags aren’t your thing, then a pair of striking, high quality shoes is always a wonderful way to enhance your #ootd. I have never for one moment regret investing in a pair of Valentino shoes, and this pair of is my latest love. The pewter / gold colour is simply stunning, and the metallic tone works with all of my Spring and Summer outfits. They are truly one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and as well as being incredibly easy to wear and work in with your wardrobe, they also make a dazzling statement.

Stick to neutrals

One of the most simple ways of keeping your outfit chic and polished is by sticking to a neutral colour palette. Now ‘neutral’ is a loose term, and what’s neutral to me may not be right for you, for example as I previously mentioned, my neutrals are white, beige and shades of light pink, whereas I imagine for many others, it might be a monochromatic palette of blacks and greys. Find out which neutrals work best with your figure, your skin tone and your personality too, and invest in garments within this palette. By sticking to a close colour palette when choosing your key wardrobe pieces, you’ll find it so much easier to mix and match, and pick your look each day.


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