Is this the most Instagrammable hotel in Ibiza?!

Ibiza’s most Instagrammable Hotel

Back when I very first visited Ibiza, back when I was just 18 years old (almost a decade ago, OMG), the plot of land where the Wi-Ki Woo hotel stands, was just an empty field. A barren plot of land littered with concrete blocks and odd building materials, which we’d make our way through every evening, to travel from our budget apartment, to the party town of San Antonio. Scoot forward to today, and the land is now sea-front prime real estate, a lovely promenade with an inviting courtyard fringed with pink palm trees inviting you in.

Stroll into the pink and turquoise coloured hotel, past the candy coloured Vespas and the rose gold jeep, and you’ll find yourself in the most Instagrammable hotel that the White Isle has to offer. During our first visit to Wi-Ki Woo, in the evening, we ended up speaking to one of the owners. The friendly Essex accented gentleman took pride in explaining how the hotel had been built for the girls ‘girls have their own money these days, they don’t hang around at the bar waiting for a guy to buy them a drink any more. I wanted the hotel to be a place for these girls to come and hang out, in style, and relax’ – and looking around the pool area, just stylish ladies in the most fabulous of swimsuits, and a small handful of well dressed boys (who I’m pretty sure were the boyfriends of the stylish ladies) were present.

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When to Go

We didn’t actually stay in San Antonio, but instead after visiting Wi-Ki Woo for dinner, also decided to return the next day for brunch. This provided the perfect opportunity for getting lots of snaps for Instagram! As San Antonio is known for the lively bars and clubs, it was no surprise that we were pretty much the only ones around until 11am, and even then it was peaceful and easy to get shots with no one in the background!

We enjoyed delicious coffees and a fabulous avocado on toast (I told you this place was designed for Instagram!) while shooting in the pastel perfect courtyard, and the candy themed pool area. With fun props like giant ice creams, lollipops, lifeguard chairs and heart shaped inflatables, there was a new photo opportunity everywhere we turned.

Even the cocktails were super photogenic, with their infamous flamingo cocktail being the most superb, complete with giant marshmallows and the most perfect millennial pink shade.

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