My Favourite Beach Clubs in Ibiza

Atzaro Beach & my other favourite beach clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza truly caters to every kind of holiday maker, whether you like to stay in your hotel and lounge by the pool, or find a rocky cove where you won’t see another soul for the rest of the day. Personally, I’m happiest somewhere between the two. I’ll always prefer the beach to a pool, but having lovely food, comfortable deckchairs and an Iced oat milk latte on hand is always a perfect scenario. That’s why I love beach clubs. Some may recoil at the thought of paying up to €70 for a bed and umbrella (in places like St Tropez I’ve paid far more! Ew!) but with that you get to spend the day being waited on, in total comfort, until the sun goes down on some of the most beautiful beaches  in the country.

To me a great beach club is one, of course, on a fabulous beach – a clear sea with waters you’re excited to bathe in, perhaps some rocks you can jump off too! I also look for a wonderful menu with fresh produce, and light snacks as well as tasty salads and seasonal dishes. I absolutely hate being ripped off though, so anywhere that you’re paying over the odds for a glorified chair is not going to impress.

So where would I recommend? There are lots to choose from in Ibiza, and we’ve visited many in the years we’ve been coming here. Of course there’s the obvious like the Nikki Beach or Ocean Beach, but if I’m honest, these aren’t my vibe. They have a party atmosphere, and overpriced drinks – I prefer somewhere more chilled. The imagery from this post, and the beach club I’d probably recommend the most, is Atzaro Beach. Located on Cala Nova; one of the most beautiful bays in the North of the island, Atzaro Beach is run by the same group as Aubergine and Atzaro hotel, both of which I’ve raved about before. You can guarantee the same impeccable service, fresh, delicious food, and value for money, all with a hint of authentic Ibizan style.

My Top 5 Beach Clubs in Ibiza

  1. Atzaro Beach
    Pictured here, I adore every property within the Atzaro group, and the beach location is the perfect place to spend the day enjoying the sunshine, a beautiful beach, fabulous food and a stylish atmosphere. Each person within your party has a minimum spend of €80 to use the beds, but this can be used on food and drink, so actually they work out well price wise as you’re not paying for the privilege of having a bed per se.
  2. Amante Beach
    We first discovered Amante after we were recommended to visit the sister property of Aiyanna; a lovely spot on the same beach as Atzaro Beach, where we had dinner one evening. Amante is the only beach club on Cala Llonga and is equally stylish and relaxed as the Atzaro beach, so if you like one, you’re sure to love the other. We had one of the round beds here which was €70, but this didn’t include any food or drink. The food was not over priced and absolutely delicious, and we both loved their fresh juices too! The beach here was a little dirtier, in fact I spent 20 minutes picking up plastic litter, and the service not quite up to the standard of Atzaro, but it was a stunning, serene setting and a wonderful place to spend the day otherwise.
  3.  El Chiringuito
    If you’re staying toward the North of the island, nearer the other two beach clubs, then this one is a bit of a drive – but definitely one worth visiting if you’re staying closer to Playa D’en Bossa. The beach is much bigger and busier, we actually didn’t get one of the official Chiringuito beds, but one of the ‘normal’ beach beds as these were around €15 each (I say around, because you can barter) and then enjoyed the lovely Chiringuito restaurant at lunch time. The food was fresh, simple and delicious and the atmosphere was relaxed and stylish.
  4. Beachouse
    Also further south on the island on Playa D’en Bosssa, Beachouse has become our destination of choice on the day we land in Ibiza, as it’s just 10 minutes from the airport – perfect for chilling while you wait for room check in time! With plenty of beds, it feels less exclusive than Atzaro and Amante, but once again you get great service and delicious food. We often have brunch here and the coffee is great. There’s a few more ‘posers’ about (if you know what I mean!) and the music gets a little loud after lunch (I go to the beach to chill, not to party) but overall, I love the vibe.
  5. Babylon Beach
    One that we haven’t visited yet in 2019, but I remember loving it last year. A small beach club on a rocky cove with plenty of spots to dive into the sea. Located close to Santa Eulalia, it’s more authentic and relaxed than the previous two on the list, and feels a little more like you’ve discovered a secret place, which I love! Hopefully we will visit again this year, and I can tell you more!

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