Our Top Ibiza Recommendations

For our 1 year wedding anniversary, Charlie surprised me with a trip to sunny Ibiza! We adore the island and recently the food scene in Ibiza has truly shot up, with numerous ‘farm to fork’ establishments really upping their game with exceptional cuisine. I wanted to share a few of our favourites here; so if you love your organic, local and seasonal produce, as well as exceptionally beautiful dining destinations, then this post is one for you to bookmark!



Hacienda Na Xamena

Hacienda Na Xamena is the wonderful hotel that we stayed at this time in Ibiza; it was one that had been on my wishlist for years! The hotel was built in 1971 within a beautiful nature reserve in the ‘more relaxed’ Northern side of the island. With spectacular sunset views over the sea, the hotel has been named ‘the most romantic hotel in Ibiza’ – and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. With spectacular architecture built into the hills, a cascading pool feature in the spa which you’ll likely have seen all over Instagram, and a restaurant called Eden with the most beautiful sunset views I’d ever seen. You’ll want to request a table at the front when you make your booking!

Casa Maca

With a hilltop location overlooking Ibiza town, Casa Maca is known for their rustic grill and sensationally tasty dishes. Diners enjoy their dishes under the festoon lighting, as the scent of char-grilled smoke breezes amongst the al-fresco set up. The seasonal menu included flame roasted leek with a crispy garlic and hazelnut garnish (undoubtedly the tastiest leek I’ve ever enjoyed!) and a sensational grilled aubergine with white miso emulsion and caramelised nuts – YUM. We also enjoyed fillet steak and freshly cut jamon; it is a very pricey place for dinner, but one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever enjoyed.

Sa Capella

With the main dining space inside an old church, this is truly a unique experience in Ibiza!


These are our favourite Beach Clubs in Ibiza




The agroturismo hotel that we fell in love with so many years ago just gets better and better every year. Their ‘Huerto’ (vegetable garden) is brimming with  organic produce which not only caters to the Atzaro hotel, but also their Atzaro beach club, and restaurant; Aubergine. Each dish here is carefully curated with vibrant and colourful ingredients and you can also find the classics such as croquettas and jamon – but what always blows me away the most is the sensationally beautiful setting; dining under the dappled sunshine in the veranda restaurant, or dine from your cabana set amongst the fragrant herb beds in the botanical garden. To me, this place is paradise! Join Charlie and I for Ottelenghi at Atzaro in August here.

Juntos House

Juntos means ‘together’ in Spanish, and Juntos House; located inland in Sant Mateo, was created to bring people together in nature, and highlight the importance to our health when we look after the land. With their own farm producing high quality seasonal vegetables, each dish here is created using products picked from the Ibiza farm every morning. Simple ingredients such as artichoke or cabbage were cooked to absolute perfection. Charlie enjoyed the organic Ibiza pork served with farm-fresh carrot confit, while I grazed on crispy-fried zucchini flowers and breaded aubergine with a green-goddess herbal dip that was brimming with flavour. The Farm-to-Glass cocktails (I chose the lavender) were the perfect finishing touch, and it’s become our number one spot to visit when we are in Ibiza.


OK so this one definitely isn’t farm to fork, but I can’t do an Ibiza recommendations post without mentioning Bambuddha! A ‘Mediter-asian’ restaurant with a fun party vibe inside, you’ll be able to enjoy the classics such as crispy duck, chicken satay etc, alongside delicious cocktails, sensational sushi, and lots of other fabulous dishes.